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Reglas, aclaraciones y erratas

Action Modifiers/Reactions:

  • Action Modifiers that can be played by minions other than the acting minion (Hidden Lurker, Mask of a Thousand Faces, superior Cloak the Gathering) can only be played by the controller of the acting minion. [LSJ 19990425]
  • Action modifiers cannot be played by a vampire in torpor unless that vampire is the acting minion. [RTR 19970306]


    • Between the time the action card (including ally, equipment, retainer, and political action cards) is played and the action completely resolved, the action card is neither in play nor in the ash heap. When the action is resolved, the card is burned or put in play, as appropriate. [LSJ 20040623]
    • If a minion cannot pay the entire cost of an action when the action resolves, what cost can be paid is paid, and the action continues with no effect ("fizzles"). [RTR 20011007]
    • If a minion cannot take a mandatory action (for whatever reason), the he is stuck and can take no action. [LSJ 20010810]
    • Any action which retrieves an equipment card and says to 'equip' the acting minion with that card is considered an 'equip action'. [TOM 19960130]
    • If the Methuselah loses control of the acting minion before the action is successful, then the action ends. [RTR 19970630]
    • Cards and abilities that are usable only after a successful action are used after the action is completed, including any oustings. [RTR 19970630]


    • Ignore all "burn blood" effects entirely. [TOM 19960326]
    • There is no limit to an Ally's life (if some effect gives an Ally more life than it started with, the excess does not drain off). [TOM 19960604]


    • If the target of a directed action is reset, a new "choose blockers" opportunity results. [RTR 19970630]
    • Combat occurs as part of the block - not after the block. (So Cats' Guidance and Freak Drive are played after the combat, not before). [RTR 19980623]


    • By default, combat cards only apply to the round in which they are played. Explicit card text is needed to overcome this default. [RTR 19980623]
    • A maneuver or press gained by a combat card can only be used during the current round of combat. A maneuver or press gained by a non-combat card (e.g., action, equipment) can be used in any round of the combat. [TOM 19960521]
    • If an effect "sets" the range of a round (and therefore skips the maneuver phase), no other effect can be used to reset the range. [RTR 19970630]
    • A vampire burned in combat does not pass through Torpor. [RTR 19941109]
    • Cards which are not usable by vampires going to Torpor are not usable by vampires burned in combat, either. [RTR 19950622]
    • Cards which are not usable by vampires going to Torpor only check to see if the vampire is currently going to torpor, not if the vampire will be going to Torpor later. E.g., A vampire with Undead Persistence can still play these types of cards. [LSJ 19970304]
    • Hand Strike: any non-ranged, non-weapon strike that deals damage based on the striking minion's strength, or any minion's non-ranged damage-dealing innate strike. [LSJ 19970224]
    • If the strike does something in addition to ending combat, that something takes place just after the combat ends. [RTR 19970630]
    • If a strike has additional effects like a press (e.g., Thrown Sewer Lid, Kraken's Kiss, Wind Dance), and that strike is canceled (e.g., with Primal Instincts or with The Jones), then the rest of the effect is also canceled. [RTR 20040501]
    • Combat effects played at the end of a round/combat can be played when the round ends via S:CE or similar. [RTR 20001020]
    • You can use an effect that will steal/burn more blood (or life) than the target minion has - you steal/burn what he has. The effect targets the minion, not the counters. [RTR 20010710]
    • Only maneuvering with a weapon commits you to striking with that weapon. Other effects can be used without striking with the weapon. [LSJ 19971215]
    • If you have any pending (additional) strikes, wait until those strikes are resolved before gaining further additional strikes (if you are allowed to use more than one additional-strike-gaining effect in a round). [LSJ 20001206]
    • You can gain additional strikes even if you cannot strike. You still cannot strike with the additional strike, however. [LSJ 19970821]
    • Things that are played "at the end of round" (Disarm, Taste of Vitae, etc.) are played after all presses for the round are handled (if the round makes it that far; they can be played if the round ends prematurely, as normal). [RTR 20030519]


    • Unique cards on contested cards are out of the game except with respect to being contested. They are contested as normal, should the need arise. [RTR 19951017]
    • Incoming copies of contested cards do not enter play prior to being contested. Any effect the new copy of the contested has for being in play is not activated prior to the contest. [RTR 20030519]
    • Temporary control effects are ended if the vampire is contested, as normal, so the vampire would be placed facedown in front of his previous (permanent) controller. [RTR 20000501]

      Controlled Cards:

    • If control of a card is returned to a player who has been ousted, the card is burned. [RTR 19960221]
    • A card with a clan symbol only requires a ready member of that clan *when played*. You don't need a clan member to gain control of the card (via Far Mastery, Disputed Territory, etc.) once it's in play. [TOM 19960226]

      Damage (Combat):

    • Damage is only considered to have come from a minion if the damage is from a strike or if an effect specifically states that the damage is dealt by the minion. Damage from other effects is considered "environmental," and has no particular source. [RTR 19970630]
    • Resolving multiple points of (simultaneous) damage is done all at once - you cannot interrupt the process to play some other effect (like tapping the Vagabond Mystic). [LSJ 20001111]
    • The damage modifier must be played before the end of the Choose Strike phase in order to affect the current strike. [RTR 19960112]
    • Ammo cards are played before any strikes take effect regardless of whether those strikes deal damage or not. Thus, if a vampire who is getting shot with Dragon's Breath Rounds is targeted by Rotschreck, the combat will end before either strike does anything. [RTR 19960221]
    • Adding damage to strikes which are not damage dealing strikes will not deal damage (e.g., using Lucky Blow and choosing your Rowan Ring melee weapon won't deal damage) [RTR 19960221]
    • Additional damage inherits all of the properties of the base damage (So the +1 damage from lucky blow is aggravated for Basilia). [RTR ]
    • The base damage does not inherit the properties of the additional damage (So a Saturday Night Special with Dragon's Breath Rounds does 1 normal plus 2 aggravated damage). [RTR ]
    • Effects that increase the damage provided by strike cards affect those cards rather than the striking minion (so the added damage is the same type as the strike's damage, not the base damage). [RTR 19970630]
    • Effects that prevent "up to X" or that prevent "X" damage have the same effect -- they prevent as much damage as possible, up to the maximimum (X) specified. [RTR 20041202]
    • "Damage from a strike" only includes damage done to the opposing target. Side effect damage is not counted as "damage from a strike". Therefore, self-inflicted damage from Zip Gun, Grenade, Burst of Sunlight, Body of Sun, etc. is side effect damage and is not preventable by "prevent damage from a strike" effects like Skin of Steel, Leather Jacket, etc. [LSJ 19970108] [ ]
    • Damage done to an uncontrolled vampire is ignored. [RTR 19991001]

      Directed Actions:

    • Actions which target another player's hand, uncontrolled region, crypt, or library (or cards therein) are directed at that player. (Actions which target another player's ash heap are undirected by default). [LSJ 20010924] [LSJ 20010926]

      Directed actions:

    • An action you take directed at yourself (or something you control) is an undirected action, even if the action is marked with a (D) symbol. [RTR 19980707]


    • Equipment is not optional, unless indicated by card text. Using a weapon as a strike is optional. [RTR 19980707] [ ]
    • Equipment only applies while in possession. If needed for an action, the action will fizzle if the acting minion doesn't possess the equipment when the action resolves. [RTR 19960221]
    • A weapon's "current damage" is the amount of damage that the weapon would inflict if used as a strike by bearer against a generic opponent. (This affects Machine Blitz). [RTR 19980623]
    • A "regular strike" is unmodified, so would use the default strength [LSJ 20020821]

      Equipments which are Locations (Loquipment):

    • Loquipment doesn't count as equipment while it is in play. [RTR 19960112]
    • Loquipment may be put on any ready minion if moved in an ambiguous fashion (by Disputed Territory, e.g.). If the new controller has no minions, the locquipment is burned. (Note: currently all moves are ambiguous - TOM). [RTR 19960112]
    • Transferring Locquipment via Disputed Territory to the *same* Methuselah that currently controls the locquipment results in no effect - the locquipment cannot be moved to a different minion of the same Methuselah. [LSJ 19971002]


    • Any hunt modification (Aaron's Razor, Hesha, etc.) is allowed on special hunts (Legacy of Cain, Week of Nightmares, etc.), following card text. Note that card text on Festivo dello Estinto and Inbase Discotek explicitly move the additional blood from the blood bank (rather than from the new, non-default, target of the hunt). [RTR 20030519]


    • Having other effects that cause the infernal vampire not to untap as normal during the untap phase are redundant with being infernal. If the vampire doesn't untap because of being infernal and because he has a Sensory Deprivation, for example, his controller may still burn a pool to untap the vampire. [LSJ 20050114]

      Library/Hand/Ash Heap:

    • If you hold fewer cards in hand than your hand size because your library is empty and then one or more cards are returned to your library, immediately draw the cards into your hand (stopping if your reach your hand size). [LSJ 20001127]
    • The cards that you are currently not replacing count against your hand size. [LSJ 19980803]
    • Cards that go into an ash heap, hand, or library always go into their owner's ash heap, hand, or library. [RTR 19970425]
    • If an effect causes you to search your library or crypt, shuffle that deck afterward. [LSJ 20040518]

      Master Cards:

    • Changing the controller of a location has no other effect, unless specified by card text. Exception: A location "on" another controlled card is moved onto an appropriate card controlled by the new controller of the location. (so you can retarget a Tomb of Ramses, for example, but the amount of blood on a powerbase doesn't change). [RTR 19980623]
    • The effect of the Master Card is completely defined when the card is played (any targets must be named). [LSJ 19970630]
    • The Master: Discipline card increases the vampire's level of the Discipline by 1 while it is on the vampire. Discipline levels: 0 (none), 1 (normal), and 2 (superior). [LSJ 20011227]

      Merging advanced vampires:

    • Any blood counters (or other cards, if the vampire had been Banished, for example) on the uncontrolled card being merged are burned. They do not transfer to the vampire in play. Only the crypt card is moved to the vampire in play. [LSJ 20030418] [LSJ 20030421]

      Minion cards:

    • When played, a split Discipline card counts as requiring the Discipline being used (for effects that enhance or restrict cards that require certain Disciplines). In the hand (or library or ash heap), the card can be considered to require either Discipline (for effects that retrieve cards that require certain Disciplines). [LSJ 20020510]
    • A Discipline-based card that is put into play is put into play at either basic or superior level. Once in play, you can't change which level it was played at, even if you give the vampire that played it a better ability. [TOM 19960403]

      Playing Cards:

    • If a card targets (chooses, selects, is played on, etc.) some target, then the card can only be played if an appropriate target is available. Examples: Strike: Steal/Destroy Equipment/Weapon cannot be used if the opposing minion doesn't have a suitable Equipment/Weapon to be destroyed/stolen. [RTR 19980928] [LSJ 20030408]
    • You cannot play a card whose cost cannot be paid. If, between the time a action card is played (or an action is attempted) and the time the cost of the action is paid, you no longer can pay the cost, then you pay as much as you can and the card is burned without effect (or the action has no effect). [TOM 19960514] [RTR 20010710]
    • A card can be canceled "as it is played" (with Sudden Reversal, Direct Intervention, etc.) only as it is played. The only cards that can be played "as" another one is played are the ones the players have in their hands at the time. You cannot use the Barrens after a master card is played, for example, to attempt to draw into a Sudden Reversal to cancel it. [RTR 20040501]
    • An effect that allows a minion to play a card that requires a Discipline he doesn't have (e.g., Infernal Familiar, Ian Forestal) can be used to meet one (not both) of the normal Discipline requirements of a multi-Discipline card. [LSJ 20011217]

      Priscus (Prisci vote):

    • Prisci in general have zero votes (for effects that operate based on the number of votes a vampire has). [RTR 19970630]
    • If a Priscus is forced to abstain or to change his votes, then this includes his votes in the Prisci sub-referendum as well as his votes (if any) in the main referendum. [LSJ 19970224]
    • An individual Priscus is not tainted by the result of the Prisci sub-referendum. (This only matters for cards like Bribes and Scorn of Adonis that care which way individual minions voted.) A Priscus is considered to have voted "for" or "against" (or to have abstained from) the main referendum based on how he cast his vote(s) in the sub-referendum, regardless of the result of that sub-referendum. [RTR 20000501]


    • If a retainer which requires a Discipline to be employed is brought into play by a means other than "Employ Retainer", treat it as if it were brought into play with the basic version of the Discipline. [RTR 19960221]
    • Any reference to the employing vampire should be a reference to the employing minion, unless the retainer's ability clearly only applies to a vampire (i.e., unless the ability affects blood, Disciplines, clan, sect, capacity, titles, or votes). [RTR 19960530] [RTR 19990105]


    • "During phase X, do Y" limits Y to once per phase X. [LSJ 19970625]
    • "At the start of the untap phase" is another way of specifying "during the untap phase". Neither phrasing specifies a period of time before the other. [RTR 19990105]
    • "Same Action" means: 1) The same inherent (cardless) action taken against the same target. 2) The action taken with the same card played from hand, regardless of target. 3) The same action provided by the same copy of a card in play. (Each action provided by a card in play is a distinct action (and doesn't count as the "same action"). [RTR 19950905]
    • Any "same action" is the "same type of action" - so a superior Govern the Unaligned is a Govern action type just as a inferior Govern the Unaligned is (and the inferior is also a bleed action type). [LSJ 20001122]


    • Blood capacity gained by gaining a title will be lost if the title is lost. [TOM 19960210]

      Torpor and Diablerie:

    • Only vampires can commit diablerie. Effects that would allow something other than a vampire to commit diablerie are ignored. [RTR 19970630]
    • If a blood hunt cannot be called (Muaziz, the diablerist of March Halcyon, etc.), then no referendum to call one is conducted. [LSJ 20020715]
    • Only ready vampires can commit diablerie. Vampires in Torpor cannot. [RTR 19980623]
    • The steps of diablerie (section 6.5.5 of the rules) are indivisible - you cannot interrupt them to play other effects (exceptions made for effects played within the referendum, per 6.5.6). Notably: effects played when a vampire is about to be burned are played before the whole thing and effects played when a vampire is burned (meaning "has been") or after a vampire is burned are played after the whole thing. [LSJ 20020311] [LSJ 20020411]
    • If an event both burns and torporizes a vampire, the controller decides whether the vampire will go into torpor before being burned. [RTR 19960708]

      Vampires/Crypt/Uncontrolled Region:

    • A vampire's capacity can never be reduced below one, even by the effects of Violet Tremain or Mind of a Child. [RTR 19990712]
    • If a Caitiff creates another vampire (via the Embrace, for example), the created is Caitiff (and clanless) by default (unless card text says otherwise, of course). [LSJ 20011228] [LSJ 20020102]
    • If you fill up two uncontrolled scarce vampires of the same clan (see http://www.white-wolf.com/vtes/BLnag.html) during your influence phase, you move one into the controlled region and then the other - burning an additional 3 pool for the second because of the first. [LSJ 20011018]
    • If you contest a scarce vampire (see http://www.white-wolf.com/vtes/BLnag.html), you pay the 3-pool-per-same-clan penalty when putting the card into play (before contesting begins). [LSJ 20011018]


    • The first thing that happens during a referendum is the setting of terms. All the other effects are played during the Polling step. This includes cards that are used "before votes are cast". (This is errata to [], making the setting of terms the only thing done in that step.) [RTR 20040501]
    • All votes from a single source must be cast in agreement. A single source is a vampire or a single non-vampire source (like Ventrue HQ). All the votes a single vampire casts must be cast in agreement. All the votes from a given non-vampire source must be cast in agreement (you cannot tap the Ventrue HQ and cast 2 in favor and 1 against). [LSJ 20020126]
    • If a referendum will pass automatically (e.g., Cryptic Rider, Charming Lobby, Malkavian Rider Clause, Día de los Muertos), then no voting occurs during the automatic referendum, and most "during a political action" and "during a referendum" effects cannot be used. E.g., Delaying Tactics cannot be used to cancel the referendum. Any effects that operate on the number of votes that the referendum passed by have no effect. [LSJ 19980107]
    • An effect that cancels a referendum (Telepathic Vote Counting, Gangrel Conspiracy, etc.) may be played at any time during the voting process - before, during, or after votes have been cast. [LSJ 19980130]
    • An effect that cancels a minion's votes (Telepathic Vote Counting, Pulling Strings, etc.) may be played at any time during the voting process - before or after that minion casts his votes. [RTR 19950530] [LSJ 19990723]

      Ablative Skin:

    • Cannot be used to prevent damage that cannot be prevented by cards that require Fortitude (e.g., Blood Rage and Blood Fury). [LSJ 19990216]

      Absilmilard's Army:

    • The card used to represent the ally brought into play by Absilmilard's Army is face up (that is, the other players know which card it is). [LSJ 20040623]

      Aching Beauty:

    • If an Aching Beauty vampire is blocked and the combat is canceled (via Change of Target or Obedience, for example), the blocker's controller still loses a pool. [RTR 19991206]

      Al-Ashrad, Amr of Alamut:

    • Al-Ashrad has +1 bleed. [RTR 20010710]


    • If the weapon given costs blood, the target Alastor pays the cost. [LSJ 20040518]


    • Can use her untap ability at any point during the turn, including during a political action. [TOM 19960214]
    • If Alexandra taps a Toreador who was attempting to block, then that block will fail, since tapped minions cannot block. [RTR 19940624] [LSJ 19991025]


    • Only vampires who can commit diablerie can use Amaranth. If a vampire is prohibited from commiting diablerie, he can't use Amaranth to overcome the restriction. [RTR 19991001]


    • Burns the target vampire when the target is reduced to zero blood in combat, regardless of the source of the loss of blood (card text). Still won't burn a vampire just for entering a combat with zero blood, however - there must be an actual "reduction" in blood. [RTR 19980623]
    • Multiple Anathemas don't multy the pool gain. Once one Anathema resolves (burning the vampire), the others are burned (before they get to resolve). [LSJ 20021117]

      Anesthetic Touch:

    • Doesn't end combat as a strike; it ends combat after strike resolution. Dog Pack doesn't restrict this effect. [LSJ 20011210]
    • A dodge won't prevent combat from ending after strike resolution. [LSJ 20011210]
    • Doesn't end combat until after strike resolution, so the damage can be prevented or healed as normal. [LSJ 20011210]

      Angelica, The Canonicus:

    • Can only use her ability once each action (when attempting to block). [RTR 20030519]

      Annabelle Triabell:

    • Her ability applies to all Toreadors, not just ones in play at the time the action resolved. [LSJ 20040810]

      Antoinette DuChamp:

    • She is group 2 and has capacity of 1. [LSJ 20041201]


    • If a vampire blocks an Archon, he or she burns 1 blood regardless of which action the Archon was taking. (The use of the semi-colon in the V:TES text implies that the point of blood is burned only when the Archon is using his or her rush ability.) [RTR 19960221]
    • The card remains in play. The referendum to remove the effect burns the card. The card's effects can be stacked with other Archons. [RTR 20030519]


    • Arika's prey cannot end her untap phase if she controls a location that she hasn't burned a pool for, even if she gained control of that location sometime during her untap phase. [LSJ 19990405]

      Art of Memory, The:

    • The effect is applied after resolving the action (including after all combats). [LSJ 20031112]

      Astrid Thomas:

    • Astrid's ability is "activated" when votes are tallied. [RTR 20001020]
    • Tremere who have not yet voted can choose to abstain. [RTR 19941006]
    • If Astrid's votes are canceled by an effect such as Pulled Strings, the other Tremere votes are unaffected. [RTR 19960530]

      Aura of Invincibility:

    • If the initial referendum doesn't pass, then the card isn't put into play. The vampire playing it is not sent to torpor in that case. [LSJ 20040730]


    • The normal text should say just "This vampire gains X+1 votes". It doesn't double-cost. (errata to the CE edition, in which the X was changed to be the cost of the card rather than the cost of the effect, but ended up being printed as both) [LSJ 20021124]


    • Backstab can be played at any time before strike resolution, including after both minions have selected their strikes. [LSJ 20000215]

      Baltimore Purge:

    • There is no time to use other effects between the choosing of the vampires and those vampires going to torpor. There is no response stack to interrupt that. [LSJ 20050111]


    • A banished vampire will return to play when it again has blood >= capacity on it at the end of its Methuselah's influence phase. [TOM 19951209]
    • A Banished vampire will remember all effects that had been applied to him, just as contested vampires do. This includes gained or lost titles, etc. [RTR 20000501]
    • Note that "for the rest of the game" effects pointing at the Banished vampire (from some other source) will resume if/when the vampire comes back into play (e.g., Contract naming that Assamite). [TOM 19960210]
    • Temporary control effects are ended if the vampire is Banished, as normal, so the vampire would be placed in his previous (permanent) controller's uncontrolled region. [RTR 20000501]


    • You can play Change of Target after Bear-Baiting (younger, older, or the same age). [LSJ 20040312]


    • The affected Methuselah is named when the card is played. [RTR 19980928]
    • Each of their turns, the person subjected to Betrayer can name a vampire. If the guess is correct, Betrayer is burned. [RTR 19941109]
    • Is cumulative. A player can be damaged by multiple Betrayers each turn. A Methuselah targeted by more than one Betrayer would have to pay 1 pool for each Betrayer in order to burn them, even if the same vampire is the betrayer in each case. [RTR 19941109]
    • If the vampire chosen for Betrayer is burned, so is Betrayer. If the vampire chosen for Betrayer becomes contested, Betrayer is nullified until the contention is resolved, at which time the Betrayer is reactivated. If a player takes control of the vampire that is the target of the betrayer, that player takes the pool loss. [RTR 19941109]
    • You select an uncontrolled vampire when you play the card. If you have a choice (more than one of your uncontrolled vampires is controlled by the other Methuselah), you still have to choose just one of them to be the Betrayer. [LSJ 19990419]

      Black Cat:

    • The lower pool cost is used for the "cost" of equipment on her. [RTR 19941109]
    • If she is equipped with something and that equipment is transferred to another minion, then it regains its normal pool value. Conversely, if a piece of equipment moves onto her, its effective pool cost is lowered by 1. [RTR 19941109]

      Blood Brother Ambush:

    • Blood Brother Ambush can be used by a BrujahAnti taking an action while in torpor. If this happens, the blocker loses the opportunity to commit diablerie. [RTR 20010710]

      Blood Fury:

    • Blood Fury doesn't protect the target from taking damage from a weapon strike, since "inflict" has been ruled to mean "inflict on the opposing minion/retainer". So side-effect damage from a Bomb, Zip Gun, etc. is unaffected by Blood Fury. [LSJ 19980216]

      Blood Rage:

    • Blood Rage doesn't protect the target from taking damage from a weapon strike, since "inflict" has been ruled to mean "inflict on the opposing minion/retainer". So side-effect damage from a Bomb, Zip Gun, etc. is unaffected by Blood Rage. [LSJ 19980216]

      Blood of Acid:

    • Environmental Damage (Weather Control, etc.) isn't counted by Blood of Acid. [RTR 19970630]

      Blood of the Cobra:

    • If the strike is one that says to make a hand strike or make a melee weapon strike, then the strike is ranged, but the hand or melee weapon portion of the strike is still only effective at close range. [RTR 20010710]


    • If Bloodbath's target already has or subsequently gains a title, then he doesn't get an extra vote from the Bloodbath. If the target loses his title, then he again gets his extra vote from the Bloodbath. [LSJ 19970224]


    • When taking the action to burn a location, the action will fail if the acting minion does not possess the bomb when the action resolves (if the Bomb was transferred or destroyed somehow). [RTR 19960221] [LSJ 20020926]
    • Harms the bearer when used in combat, even when the use is not a strike (a Ghoul Retainer using it, for example, will still cause the Ghoul's employer to suffer 5 damage). Errata to the CE card text. [LSJ 20030214]


    • The superior form of Bonding cannot be used if you do not need the stealth at the time you play Bonding. [TOM 19951109]


    • Has superior Presence and no Potence (the CE version is misprinted). [LSJ 20020812]


    • Transfers may not be made to the vampire - neither to put blood on nor to move blood off. [RTR 19950413]

      Brujah Debate:

    • If more than 1 Brujah shares the highest capacity amount, the controller chooses which of them to tap during her master phase. [LSJ 19980224]

      Brujah Frenzy - Master Out-of-Turn:

    • There is no time to play further action modifiers or reactions before combat begins. [TOM 19950829]
    • Brujah Frenzy only causes the affected Brujah to enter combat with a second minion; that minion is not considered to be blocking the Brujah in any way. [RTR 19950906]
    • Must select a "ready, untapped minion" to send the Brujah into combat with. If there are no such minions, Brujah Frenzy cannot be played. [RTR 19951110]
    • Can only be played on a Ready acting Brujah. [RTR 19980623]

      Business Pressure:

    • Each Methuselah must decide how much pool to burn for it during the resolution of the effect. It does not give an ability for the rest of the political action. However, there can be some give and take during the resolution of the effect. For example, each Methuselah can choose to burn one pool at a time as pool is burned for votes. [RTR 19960530]

      Call the Great Beast:

    • The action to put a counter on the Call the Great Beast card is an action that requires Baali. [LSJ 20050112]

      Camarilla Vitae Slave:

    • The vampire keeps his chosen Discipline at superior until his controller's next untap phase even if the retainer is burned or stolen. [LSJ 19970224]


    • The card being retrieved is announced when the action is declared. [LSJ 19970821]

      Carrion Crows:

    • Carrion Crows does "1R each round" to the opposing minion (card text). The "during strike resolution" just tells you when that 1R per round is resolved. (2R for superior). This is akin to how retainer-based damage is handled. [LSJ 19971211]


    • Costs 1 blood, not 2 (errata to the FN version). [RTR 20010710]

      Catatonic Fear:

    • If combat continues (via Telepathic Tracking, for example), then Catatonic Fear's damage is lost. [RTR 20020501]
    • The damage from Catatonic Fear is dealt by the striking vampire (so would be reduced to zero by Memories of Mortality). [LSJ 19990723]

      Chain of Command:

    • Chain of Command cannot bring more than one copy of a unique vampire out, by the rule prohibiting self-contesting. [LSJ 20040722]

      Change of Target:

    • Is governed by the "same action" rulings. [RTR 19950509]
    • Change of Target cannot be used if the action is blocked by some means other than by a blocking minion (e.g., Brujah Frenzy, Kiss of Ra). [LSJ 19980224]
    • Change of Target is played after a minion successfully blocks but before the blocker is tapped and combat begins. [RTR 19991206]

      Charming Lobby:

    • A bloodhunt vote does not qualify. [TOM 19950921]

      Charnas the Imp:

    • Does nothing to an empty vampire which untaps in torpor. [RTR 19941109]
    • Cannot be damaged by host, but does not stop host from using effects which would normally damage it. For example, the host can use Body of Sun, but would not damage Charnas as a result. [RTR 19941109]

      Clio's Kiss:

    • If your copy of the contested card is the last one left, it is moved to your controlled region (not your uncontrolled region). [LSJ 20011202]

      Cloak the Gathering:

    • The superior ability can be used to aid another minion even while the modifying vampire is tapped. [RTR 19941109]

      Compel the Spirit:

    • Compel the Spirit can only retrieve allies and retainers. Jake Washington, Death Pact, etc. that are not allies or retainers in the ash heap cannot be retrieved. [LSJ 20030128]

      Contingency Planning:

    • The cost of the canceled card is not paid (instead of paid and then retrieved). [RTR 20030519]

      Coordinate Attacks:

    • Is only usable by an untapped vampire. [DTR 20011130]

      Coroner's Contact:

    • Shuffle your crypt afterward [LSJ 20020304]

      Corpse Minion:

    • Corpse Minion may be used any number of times during a single action. [TOM 19960109]

      Creation Rites:

    • You may move a blood from the acting vampire to the new vampire (this sentence was omitted in Sabbat War). [RTR 20001020]
    • If the Creation is moved to the Uncontrolled region (by Banishment, for example), it continues to be a vampire (and can be influenced). [RTR 19990712]

      Cryptic Rider:

    • May only be used after a referendum is successful, not simply a successful political action (unblocked political action). [RTR 19950209]

      Curse of Nitocris:

    • Curse only moves when a Methuselah gets the Edge who doesn't already have the Edge. [LSJ 19971006]

      Day Operation:

    • Can only be played when the action is announced or (at superior) when a block is attempted. [LSJ 19971113]

      Death Pact:

    • The card becomes a retainer if the vampire on whom the card was placed is burned, no matter how that vampire is burned (including, for example, if his controller is ousted). [LSJ 19990119]


    • Decapitate cannot be played on a vampire under the effects of Undead Persistence. [RTR 20010710]


    • Cannot be used to direct a bleed to a Methuselah who would be an invalid target for a bleed (after Minor Boon, e.g.) [RTR 19950622]

      Delaying Tactics:

    • Cancels the political action, but the acting minion is still considered to have taken a political action (so cannot perform another in the same turn). [RTR 19970630]
    • If played on a referendum called by a Charming Lobby, the political action card (if any) is retrieved, not the Charming Lobby card. [LSJ 20030425]
    • Will only retrieve a political action card played from the hand. It won't retrieve an in-play Rumors of Gehenna in the referendum to burn it, or a PA card burned via Echo of Harmonies, for example. [LSJ 20041130]
    • The political action card is returned to its owners hand. This is usually the same as the acting Methuselah's hand, but not always. [LSJ 20050323]


    • Does not affect the cost to contest titles, since the cost to contest is paid in vampire blood, not pool. [RTR 19950509]

      Denial of Aphrodite's Favor:

    • The cost of the canceled card is not paid (instead of paid and then retrieved). [RTR 20030519]


    • The +1 strength is always in effect, not just during diablerie attempts. [RTR 19961113]


    • Derange cannot be moved to a Malkavian nor to a Malkavian antitribu vampire. [LSJ 19970224]

      Descent into Darkness:

    • Descent into Darkness breaks any temporary control effects (Temptation, Malkavian Dementia, etc.), so the vampire is given, face down and out of play, to his permanent controller, with the Descent into Darkness card (which, as a minion card, is then controlled by that permanent controller). [LSJ 20040525]

      Diamond Thunderbolt:

    • The cost of the change of control effect is still paid. Any bids made are paid. Any counters burned are still burned. [LSJ 20040518]
    • Will not extend temporary change of control effects when they expire. [LSJ 20040518]

      Direct Intervention:

    • If the canceled card had a "Do Not Replace Until" clause on it, that clause is canceled as well (and the card is replaced normally, subject to other effects: Visit from the Capuchin, etc.) [LSJ 20011023]
    • Since the NRA rule is applied to the acting minion when the action resolves (is blocked or is successful), the minion whose action card is canceled by Direct Intervention is free to attempt the same type of action again, even with (another copy of) the same card. [LSJ 19980212]
    • Can only burn minion cards played from the hand in the normal fashion (not weapons played via Disguised Weapon or equipment played via Pier 13, for example). [RTR 20001020]
    • The cost of the canceled card is not paid (instead of paid and then retrieved). [RTR 20030519]

      Dirty Little Secrets:

    • If the Methuselah you are bleeding doesn't burn any pool (if she calls in a Major Boon, for example), then she doesn't burn any cards from her library for Dirty Little Secrets, either. [LSJ 19970224]

      Disarming Presence:

    • Tapping is a side effect, not a cost; tapped vampires can still vote. [RTR 19941109]
    • Vampires are tapped when they cast their votes. [RTR 19970425]

      Disguised Weapon:

    • If Disguised Weapon is used to equip and contest a unique weapon possessed by the opposing minion, neither weapon is available for use during the combat. If the opposing minion had already chosen that weapon as his strike, then the strike fizzles. [LSJ 19980319]


    • Have vampires of just 1 clan means you gain 1 pool for that 1 clan. [LSJ 20040523]

      Domain Challenge:

    • Tapped minions are counted after the referendum is completed. [RTR 19941109]

      Domain of Evernight:

    • The restriction of "one per turn" only applies to the superior version of Domain of Evernight. [LSJ 20020418]


    • If a location costs X blood, it would take X vandal counters to burn it. [LSJ 20001118]

      Donal O'Connor:

    • An empty blocking vampire may still block (and will simply try and fail to burn a blood if the block is successful). [TOM 19951215]
    • The blocking vampire burns 1 blood immediately upon successfully blocking Donal, regardless of whether combat begins. [RTR 19960530]


    • If the action is masked, treat the previously-used Draba as a -X stealth modifier, where X is the amount of stealth reduced by the Draba at the time it was used. [RTR 20030519]


    • If Dragos's opponent plays superior Terror Frenzy, Dragos has to burn one blood for each combat card he plays in that combat. [LSJ 19990223]

      Dual Form:

    • If one of the pair leaves the ready region, the other is burned, and that's it for the pair. That burning of the other won't cause the first to burn. [LSJ 20050117]

      Eagle's Sight:

    • Only affects the rule restricting who gets to block an action. The vampire must still meet all other requirements to block (intercept, etc.) In particular, Blood Bond, Day Operation, and Seduction are not circumvented. [RTR 19950413]
    • Can be used to overcome the restrictions on blocking (allowing a non-target Methuselah to block a directed action or a non-adjacent Methuselah to block an undirected action). It won't overcome any other restrictions on blocking (like stealth, Seduction, Day Operation, or a prior "I don't block" decision). [RTR 20020501]

      Echo of Harmonies:

    • The referendum retained by the superior version can only be called if the vampire meets the requirements (Title, Clan, etc.) given on the card. [LSJ 20011205]
    • Echo can only retrieve Political Action cards from the ash heap that were played to call the current referendum. If the card is put into play, Echo cannot be used. If the card wasn't played (e.g., calling a referendum to burn Rumors of Gehenna), Echo cannot be used. [LSJ 20020911]

      Edith Blount:

    • Edith may burn a blood to give Enid stealth multiple times each action. [LSJ 20040617]

      Elder Intervention:

    • Can be used during any bleed attempt made against you, not just ones declared against you. [RTR 19960530]

      Elena Gutierrez:

    • Elena's group number was omitted. Elena is a group 3 vampire. [LSJ 20020812]

      Embrace, The:

    • If the Embrace is moved to the Uncontrolled region (by Banishment, for example), it continues to be a vampire (and can be influenced). [RTR 19990712]


    • Is directed at your prey. [LSJ 20010807]


    • Erosion resets a minion's base strength. Any modifiers (including inherent modifiers) are applied to the new base. If another effect (like Torn Signpost) later resets the base damage again, then the new amount wins out. [LSJ 19971211]

      Ethan Locke:

    • Ethan's (D) action is directed at the controller of the skill card, not the controller of the vampire. [LSJ 19970224]
    • When Ethan steals a master Discipline card, his controller becomes the controller of the Discipline card. [LSJ 19990609]


    • Extortion is usable by a tapped vampire [LSJ 20010725]

      Falcon's Eye:

    • Playing Falcon's Eye won't overcome any stealth, unblockability, sequencing, or previous "I don't block" decisions. It only allows a non-target Methuselah to block a (D) action or a non-adjacent Methuselah to block an undirected action. [LSJ 20020112]

      Fall of the Camarilla:

    • Fall of theis a temporary effect. Once the card is out of play (by ousting the controller, for instance), the underlying sect of the vampires is again "active". [LSJ 20040519]

      Fall of the Sabbat:

    • Fall of theis a temporary effect. Once the card is out of play (by ousting the controller, for instance), the underlying sect of the vampires is again "active". [LSJ 20040519]

      Feral Spirit:

    • Feral Spirit increases the vampire's level of the chosen Discipline by 1 while it is on the vampire. Discipline levels: 0 (none), 1 (normal), and 2 (superior). [LSJ 20011227]


    • The Fida'i's ability to untap (costing a blood from an Assamite with capacity 7+) can only be used "during his untap phase", and only once in that untap phase. [LSJ 20010619]

      Fiendish Tongue:

    • The blood to untap is burned (if desired) during the discard phase. [LSJ 20040918]

      Filchware's Pawn Shop:

    • Filchware's cannot be used to replay Flaming Candle. [LSJ 20040518]

      Fire Dance:

    • Fire Dance's target vampire is chosen when the action is announced. [RTR 19970425]

      Flesh of Marble:

    • Prevents all damage *that was not prevented* in excess of one point. [RTR 19950209]


    • The action to burn fleshcraft suffers the -1 stealth penalty as well, so is usually at zero stealth to start (or -1 stealth if superior). [LSJ 19970224]

      Force of Will:

    • If the Force of Will action is canceled (by Psychomachia, for example) before the aggravated damage is done, then the damage is not done (it is lost). If it is merely ended (by Change of Target), the the damage occurs as normal. [RTR 20020501] [LSJ 20020927]
    • Mask of a Thousand Faces cannot be used to take over a Force of Will action, since the former requires an untapped vampire and the latter requires a tapped one. [RTR 20020927]

      Forced Awakening:

    • The vampire burns a blood (if he fails to block) when the action begins to resolve (successfully or not). [LSJ 19990421]

      Forest of Shadows:

    • May be used anytime it is untapped, even if it has been used previously during the same action (it must be untapped by some method, of course). [TOM 19960109]

      Form of Mist:

    • If the superior form is used to continue an action, then all action modifiers, including stealth and Dawn Operation, are still in effect. [RTR 19941109]
    • The blood for the superior effect is paid after combat ends. If the effect is interrupted (via Telepathic Tracking or whatever), then the blood is not paid. [LSJ 20031123]
    • The superior form cannot be used to add stealth unless the acting vampire needs the stealth. [RTR 19970630]
    • The superior form cannot continue an action if played during combat resulting from a successful action. This is because the results of an action are considered to take effect after that action is successful [and because the acting minion doesn't need the stealth -lsj]. [RTR 19970630]
    • Any effect that starts a new combat after the combat that was ended by superior Form of Mist (or continues the combat that was ended) will nullify the "continue action" effect. This includes Psyche (superior), Fast Reaction, Hidden Lurker, and Telepathic Tracking. [LSJ 19980109]
    • Performing diablerie (via Amaranth) at the end of the combat that is ended by superior Form of Mist will nullify the "continue action" effect. [LSJ 19980819]

      Fractured Armament:

    • The inferior version of Fractured Armament is not a damage-dealing strike; the superior version is (so Increased Strength will affect the superior, but not the inferior, for example). [LSJ 19970225]

      Freak Drive:

    • Is played at the end of an action, but still during the action. It cannot be played on an action that was made unpreventable by Concoction of Vitality, for example. [LSJ 19981028]
    • The acting vampire cannot play Freak Drive before all of the combats of the action are handled. So Psyche!, Hidden Lurker, Coordinate Attacks, etc. would all be played (and resolve) before Freak Drive can be played. [LSJ 20030103]

      Free States Rant:

    • If there are insuffient targets to which to allocate all of the points allowed, then the card cannot be played. [LSJ 20010810]

      Frenzy - Master: Out-of-Turn:

    • Only prevents the use of equipment after it is played - it will not cancel the effects of equipment used before it is played. [TOM 19960326]

      Gambit Accepted:

    • If the controller of a Gambit Accepted in play withdraws, his or her predator gets a VP from the Gambit Accepted (the Methuselah who withdraws still gets a VP for withdrawing, of course). [RTR 20040501]

      Gangrel Atavism:

    • Doesn't require control of a ready Gangrel. [RTR ]

      Gargoyle Slave:

    • Doesn't count as a "slave" (in the Bloodlines sense), nor as a Gargoyle (for game purposes). He's just an ally. [LSJ 20011210]

      Gather, The:

    • Is only usable to move the target vampire from your uncontrolled region to your ready region. It cannot rescue a vampire from torpor. [LSJ 20030520]

      Gemini's Mirror:

    • Gemini's Mirror doesn't protect the minion's equipment, retainers, or any other cards on him. Just him (and his blood). [LSJ 20031118]

      Ghoul Retainer:

    • The Ghoul is never the "bearer" of the weapon that it uses. Any side-effect of using the weapon (e.g. Zip Gun, Grenade) is applied to the employing minion, as normal. [TOM 19951114]


    • The ally is recruited as a mortal, with the normal starting life, and is then changed to a ghoul and gains a life. His "starting life" is still the base (mortal) amount, however. [LSJ 20030520]

      Glaser Rounds:

    • Must wait until the second time a given gun is used in a given combat. [RTR 19941109]

      Goodnight, Sweet Prince:

    • You may kiss your own Crypt goodnight. [TOM 19960419]

      Goth Band:

    • The counter moved to your master card by Goth Band is transformed into the type of counter normally used by the target master card. [RTR 19970306]
    • Your Goth Band cannot move a counter from a card you control. [RTR 19980707]

      Grandest Trick, The:

    • The vampire as an ally has no "starting life" trait. Vagabond Mystic cannot help him, therefore. [LSJ 20011214]

      Greta Kircher:

    • Greta may only use her special once per action. [LSJ 20001214]


    • Can cancel Drawing Out the Beast (or other "target cannot use equipment" card) if the target has a weapon. [LSJ 20050221]
    • Can cancel superior Thoughts Betrayed and Shape Mastery (when the latter is used to cancel a strike) [LSJ 20050222] [LSJ 20050223]
    • Cannot cancel maneuvering, setting range, burning blood, Scorpion Sting (or other "cannot be dodged" strikes, since the opposing minion is still free to attempt to dodge), Weakness, destroy/steal equipment/weapon effects, Withering, Fata Amria, [LSJ 20050221] [LSJ 20050221] [LSJ 20050223] [LSJ 20050223]
    • Cannot cancel restricting the ability to strike and/or gain additional strikes (e.g., Rigor Mortis, Lapse) [LSJ 20050221] [LSJ 20050222] [LSJ 20050223]

      Hector Sosa:

    • V:TES version should have superior Potence, as in Jyhad. [RTR ]

      Heidelberg Castle, Germany:

    • Heidelberg Castle may not be tapped "in response" to any instant effect (because all effects in V:TES are instantaneous except for actions and certain combat effects). [LSJ]
    • May not be tapped "during" paying some cost - must be tapped before or after. [SFC 19960830]


    • Only regenerates if it has fewer than 2 life. [LSJ ]

      Herald of Topeth:

    • The Herald can use Charming Lobby to call a referendum "as a vampire". [RTR 20020501]

      Hidden Strength:

    • The 'X' on Hidden Strength is the cost of the card. [LSJ 19970224]

      High Stakes:

    • The last two sentences are talking to each player, not just the player playing High Stakes. [RTR 19941109]

      Horatio Ballard:

    • Horatio cannot use his special ability to become a Prince if he has changed sect and is no longer Camarilla. [LSJ 20030202]

      Horrid Reality:

    • If no weapon can be found, the two blood (cost) is simply burned. [TOM 19951212]
    • If the weapon retrieved has requirements (clan/Discipline) that the vampire doesn't meet, then it is burned with no cost. [RTR 20010710]
    • If a copy of a unique card already in play is retrieved, then the weapon is contested until the end of combat. It becomes uncontested during the next appropriate untap phase. [TOM 19951212]

      Hostile Takeover:

    • The bidding is conducted in an open format. The player who played the Hostile Takeover conducts the auction. [LSJ 19990104]


    • Only burns the edge if the action is successful. [LSJ 20030519]

      Illusions of Kindred:

    • Illusions of Kindred cannot be played when your crypt is empty. [RTR 20000501]
    • There is no room to play Psyche! (superior) between the time Illusions of Kindred ends combat and when the new combat begins. So, when you play Illusions of Kindred, Psyche! cannot be played. [LSJ 19971003]
    • If the vampire retrieved by Illusions of the Kindred doesn't enter combat (because the opposing minion was himself an Illusion or was a Blood Brother Ambush, for example), then the Illusion will be removed from the game at the end of the current action. [LSJ 19991110]
    • If the illusionary vampire is burned in combat (ending combat), the acting Methuselah chooses whether he is sent to the ash heap or removed from the game. [RTR 20001020]

      Immortal Grapple:

    • If a minion is committed to using a strike other than a hand strike (e.g., used a maneuver from a gun), then he gets no strike. [TOM 19951217]


    • Imogen's ability cannot be used to move a burned vampire (crypt card) to the target's hand. Only library cards can be exchanged by Imogen's ability. [LSJ 19990525]
    • Imogen is a 9 capacity vampire (errata to the Black Hand printing). [LSJ 20031116]

      Improvised Flamethrower:

    • The flamethrower doesn't notice if the bearer is immune to the incoming ranged damage. If any ranged damage is inflicted at long range (prevented, ignored, or otherwise), the flamethrower will burn and inflict damage. [LSJ 20040802]

      Improvised Tactics:

    • The [pot] effect's strike is a strike that requires Potence, so would be enhanced by Increased Strength. [LSJ 20030611]

      Incriminating Videotape:

    • If the tape is stolen, then the chosen minion is unable to block the new possessor of the tape (and can now block whoever used to have it). If the tape is removed from play, its effect ends. [TOM 19960114]

      Infernal Pursuit:

    • The card you discard (with superior) need not be one of the cards that you just drew. [TOM 19950924]


    • The vampire receiving the card must meet all of the requirements of the card other than the Thaumaturgy requirement. The vampire playing the Inscription need not meet any of the requirements (other than the Thaumaturgy needed to play Inscription in the first place). [LSJ 20031116]

      Internal Recursion:

    • Internal Recursion is played before the block combat begins. [LSJ 20020204]

      Iron Heart:

    • The cost of the canceled card is not paid (instead of paid and then retrieved). [RTR 20030519]

      Jar the Soul:

    • Jar the Soul's effect doesn't damage vampires; an empty vampire will simply attempt to burn blood and fail. [TOM 19951212]
    • If an Ally is targeted, it will only be tapped - it will not lose a blood (life) even if the superior version is used. [RTR]

      Jimmy Dunn:

    • If a second Jimmy Dunn is brought out during an action (with Possession, e.g.), and the first Jimmy (if he has Vicissitude) plays Reform Body, the first Jimmy will go to torpor (from Reform Body), but will then be burned anyhow, since he cannot be contested. [LSJ 19990719] [RTR 19991001]
    • If a second Jimmy Dunn is brought out during an action (with Possession, e.g.), the acting vampire isn't considered to be "burning" the first Jimmy, so he cannot play Soul Stealing, for instance. [LSJ 19990719] [RTR 19991001]
    • If a non-contesting second copy of Jimmy enters play (via Illusions of the Kindred, for example), the first Jimmy won't burn himself. [LSJ 19991110]
    • Seeds of Corruption (if played on two Jimmys who are each Banished and then return to play) won't save him from burning. [LSJ 20050709]

      Jones, The:

    • The cost of the canceled card is not paid (instead of paid and then retrieved). [RTR 20030519]

      Justicar Retribution:

    • Counts the bleed amount that each vampire would have when attempting to bleed his prey. [RTR 19980623]


    • If merged Keminitiri plays Closed Session as a Justicar, it will prevent her from casting votes (assuming she's still independent). [LSJ 20050131]

      Khobar Towers:

    • X is the pool cost or the blood cost of the ally, as appropriate. [RTR 20020501]

      Kindred Coercion:

    • Despite the name of the card, the inferior may cancel the votes of Allies (as well as vampires) not older than the acting vampire/minion. The superior version may change the votes of Allies (as well as vampires) not older than the acting vampire/minion. [TOM 19960205]
    • Kindred Coercion cannot 'change' the votes of vampires who haven't voted yet, but it can cancel the votes of vampires who haven't voted yet (and change the votes of vampires who have voted). [RTR 19991001]

      Kindred Segregation:

    • Kindred Segregation only requires that the pool cost be paid in order to keep the ally. Blood costs (if any) need not be repaid to keep an ally. Explicit in the CE printing. [LSJ 20001113] [RTR 20010710]
    • Kindred Segregation can be called even if there are no allies in play. [RTR 20010710] [ ]

      Kindred Society Games:

    • The last sentence is vague. Replace it with "If the vampire doesn't untap but instead moves the Society Games on, but there is no tapped younger vampire to move it to, Society Games is burned instead." [RTR 19941109]
    • If a vampire has two copies of Kindred Society Games played on it, each copy exerts its own effect on the vampire. Thus, untapping the vampire normally would require the vampire to burn a total of 2 blood. If the vampire does not untap normally, then both Games are moved to other vampire(s), although the vampire could burn 1 blood to prevent one of the Games from moving on. [RTR 19951017]

      Kiss of Ra:

    • Kiss of Ra can be played by an acting vampire in torpor. [LSJ 19970325]

      Lazar Dobrescu:

    • Cannot use his special ability if his controller has no vampires in her uncontrolled region. [LSJ 19990215]


    • The victim Methuselah decides (during her untap) whether to lose a pool or all transfers. [TOM 19951208]
    • The victim Methuselah must choose. There is no default choice. If the players all forget about Leandor's effect until later, the situation must be remedied, but forcing one choice or the other on the victim is not a suitable remedy. [LSJ 10-DEC-2002]

      Legacy of Caine:

    • If the vampire with Legacy of Cain hunts, he must still take the action directed at a vampire, even if there are no vampires with blood to steal. [LSJ 19970224]
    • When hunting on a target that has no blood to steal, a successful Legacy of Cain hunt action will simply have no effect (stealing zero blood). [LSJ 19970224]
    • If there are no targets (vampires) at all, then the vampire with Legacy of Cain cannot hunt. [LSJ 19970224]
    • If the vampire with the card "cannot gain blood", then the stolen blood is simply moved to the blood bank when he hunts. [LSJ 20010809]

      Legacy of Power:

    • Legacy of Power may be used if one of your vampires is in combat with an ally. In this case, your vampire goes into torpor, and the ally is unaffected. [RTR 19960112]

      Life Boon - Master: Out-of-Turn:

    • If a player is saved more than once by Life Boon, the various Boons reserve a series of victory points, rather than competing with each other for a single victory point. [RTR 19951017]
    • If a player has gone to negative pool, the Life Boon player must give her enough pool to compensate for that. [RTR 19970630]
    • If a player who has received a Boon receives a half of a VP (in a V:EKN tournament, e.g.), then the Methuselah who played the Boon receives the 1/2 VP. The Boon is not burned until a total of one VP has been awarded. [RTR 19991206]


    • If the Loyalist vampire's votes are changed to be in favor, the Loyalist's 3 votes will be silenced (not cast). [LSJ 20031115]


    • Lucian cannot attempt to steal a piece of equipment that he is prohibited from having (a second vehicle, Laptop, or Leather Jacket, for example). [LSJ 19980206]

      Lunatic Eruption:

    • The mandatory attack action must be taken before any non-mandatory actions. [LSJ 20001127]

      Machine Blitz:

    • Machine Blitz inflicts an amount of ranged damage equal to (or 1 greater than) the amount the chosen weapon would inflict if it were chosen as a strike (against a generic opponent at the appropriate range). This amount is set when Machine Blitz is announced. [LSJ 19970224] [LSJ 20010806]

      Madness Network:

    • Malkavians do not have to be Ready to take an action via the Network. (i.e., a Torpored Malk could rescue himself from Torpor) [RTR 19950509]
    • Malkavians may block *in addition* to the normally eligible blockers. [RTR 19950530]
    • A non-Malkavian cannot use Mask of a Thousand Faces to assume the action of a Malkavian on someone else's turn, since he is not capable of taking the action in the first place at that time. [LSJ 19981007]


    • When played at superior Melpominee level, will have no effect if the acting vampire abstains (including if the acting vampire is forced to Abstain by, for example, Pulling Strings). If the acting vampire's votes are changed, the effect operates on the final disposition of the vampire's votes (at the time the votes are tallied). [LSJ 20020123]

      Magdelena Schaefer:

    • Magdelena's effect is tied to the card play, not the strike resolution. When she plays a strike card that requires Thaumaturgy, she burns a blood. [LSJ 20030816]

      Magic of the Smith:

    • You do not search your library until the action is successful. [TOM 19951107]

      Major Boon:

    • The bleed may be modified after the Boon is burned. [LSJ 20030514]
    • May only be played on a successful bleed (bleed for 1 or more pool). Only action modifiers and reaction cards that modify the bleed amount may be played after the Boon - general action modifiers and reaction cards cannot be played (e.g., Telepathic Counter and Threats may be played, but not Deflection) [RTR 19951110]
    • Cannot be played in succession. The loss from the play of a Major Boon is due to a card effect, not a bleed. So a second cannot be played to Boon the first. [RTR 19960530]
    • Multiple Major Boons in play cannot be burned on the same bleed action - after the first is burned, "you" are no longer the Methuselah burning pool. [LSJ 19990218]

      Malkavian Dementia:

    • Doesn't require control of a ready Malkavian. [RTR ]
    • You lose control of that Malkavian when you start your untap phase. This is not an untap effect that you order among your other untap effects; it happens when the phase begins. You do not untap the Malkavian [RTR 19951017]

      Malleable Visage:

    • Doesn't change the acting minion (for purposes of the "No Repeat Actions" rule, among other things) and may be played by a minion who isn't capable of taking the action. [LSJ 20011023] [RTR 20020501]
    • Requires a ready, untapped vampire. [RTR 20010710]

      Mariel, Lady Thunder:

    • If she taps to end combat, the damage is applied just after the combat ends. [RTR 19970630]

      Maris Streck:

    • Maris can use her ability multiple times each action. [LSJ 20020926]

      Marthe Dizier:

    • Her special can only move cards "from the ash heap" that were "played" in the normal manner. If the card wound up in play (or otherwise not in your ash heap), or was "played" some other way (via Disguised Weapon, for example), it cannot be retrieved by her special. [LSJ 20040517] [LSJ 20041119]

      Mask of a Thousand Faces:

    • The action remains the same (same level, superior or inferior, same parameters, etc.). All action modifiers remain in effect, but inherent modifiers (a minion's inherent +1 bleed or +1 bleed from a Laptop, e.g.) do not. Other effects applied to the action (e.g., Backways, Deflection) also carry over to the new (masking) vampire. [RTR 19951110] [LSJ 19971201] [RTR 20030519] [LSJ 20030520] [LSJ 20030521]
    • Mask cannot be used to mask an action if the Masking vampire is not capable of taking that action, nor if any action modifiers, reactions, or other effects (including inherent stealth) have been played on this action that could not have been played/used if the Masking vampire were the acting minion. (Not counting blood that has already been spent.) [RTR 19980623] [RTR 20030519] [RTR 20041202]
    • Mask of a Thousand Faces cannot be used to take over a Force of Will action, since the former requires an untapped vampire and the latter requires a tapped one. [RTR 20020927]
    • Mask cannot be played during the resolution of an action (like during the referendum of a political action or during combat). [LSJ 19980825]
    • A minion attempting to block before the Mask was played is still attempting to block after the Mask is played. If the Masking vampire is an Aching Beauty, the controller of the minion attempting to block would have to pay a pool for the block, if it is successful, for example. [LSJ 19990106]

      Masquerade Endangered - Master: Out-of-Turn:

    • Multiple copies may be played (by different Meth.s) after a single action, but all would be burned during the vampire's next untap phase. [TOM 19950921]

      Masquerade Enforcement:

    • Doesn't affect merging (base with advanced vampire cards). [LSJ 20030527]


    • Maxwell cannot use his special ability to become a Prince if he has changed sect and is no longer Camarilla. [LSJ 20030202]

      Meddling of Semsith:

    • Will stay in play (uselessly) when the target is burned. [LSJ 20021008]

      Mehemet of the Ahl-i-Batin:

    • If the Discipline card is controlled by a Methuselah other than the controller of the vampire it is on, Mehemet's action to burn it and a blood from the vampire is undirected. [LSJ 20010816]


    • Melange works on any minion, not just on vampires. [RTR 20020501]

      Meld with the Land:

    • The untap effect of the "combat ends and untap" effect occurs when the strike resolves. It is not delayed until after combat. [RTR 20020501]

      Memory's Fading Glimpse:

    • Any cards on the target vampire (e.g., Brainwash, or cards on a Banished vampire) are burned. [SFC 19960919]

      Merill Molitor:

    • The damage he treats as normal is handled before any agg damage that is being treated as agg damage. [LSJ 20030213]

      Michael Luther:

    • Michael's ability is only usable once each referendum, even if he untaps somehow during the referendum. [LSJ 20041207]

      Mind Rape:

    • The card can be burned to take control of the target at any point during the the appropriate minion phase. It doesn't have to be done at the start of that minion phase. [LSJ 20001201]

      Mob Rule:

    • Each Methuselah must decide how much his or her vampires' blood to burn for it during the resolution of the effect. It does not give an ability for the rest of the political action. However, there can be some give and take during the resolution of the effect. For example, each Methuselah can choose to burn one blood at a time and wait to see what the others do in response. [LSJ 20030602]
    • Each Methuselah must decide how much blood her minions burn for it during the resolution of the effect. It does not give an ability for the rest of the political action. However, there can be some give and take during the resolution of the effect. For example, each Methuselah can choose to burn one blood at a time as blood is burned for votes. [LSJ 20030602]

      Muaziz, Archon of Ulugh Beg:

    • Muaziz's ability does not apply to the Blood Hunt card, since it is not a referendum, and only referendums are "called". [TOM 19960604]


    • The mummified vampire cannot take a "leave torpor" action, if Mummify was played at inferior. [LSJ 19980126]

      Murder of Crows:

    • Follows all Wolf Companion rulings, except that the damage can happen when the combat is at long range. [RTR 19941109]
    • Costs 1 blood (CE version is misprinted). [LSJ 20020819]

      Name Forgotten, The:

    • Each Methuselah must find as many copies of the vampire as possible when searching. [LSJ 20050610]

      Nephandus (Mage):

    • Each strike or other damaging effect made against Nephandus by the opposing minion is at -1 damage. [LSJ 19970224]

      Nightmares upon Nightmares:

    • Mortal allies are not affected, and vampires with capacity above the number of Gehenna cards in play are not affected. [LSJ 20040415]


    • Is governed by the "same action" rulings. [RTR 19950509]
    • Obedience can be played (by an untapped older vampire) to avoid the new combat started by superior Psyche!. [LSJ 19991025]


    • Octopod counts as the combatant's source of additional strikes in that round. [LSJ 20020215]


    • The Auspex special applies to whatever the current action is, not just to his special enter combat action. [LSJ 20050201]

      Owain Evans, The Wanderer:

    • Owain's ability can only be used once each untap, even if control of Owain changes during that untap phase. [LSJ 20040127]

      Paris Opera House, The:

    • Costs 2 pool, not 2 blood. [DTR 20011130]

      Peace Treaty:

    • Peace Treaty only requires that the pool cost be paid in order to keep the weapon. Blood costs (if any) need not be repaid to keep a weapon. [RTR 20010710]
    • Peace Treaty can be called even if there are no weapons in play. [RTR 20010710]

      Pentex(TM) Loves You!:

    • Pentex's +bleed ability is treated as an action modifier (it can be done at any time during the action). [LSJ 19970718]

      Pere Lachaise, France:

    • The vampire retrieved by Pere Lachaise need only be in your ash heap. It doesn't have to be a vampire that you had first controlled. [LSJ 20040812]
    • The crypt card on Pere Lachaise is out of play (and should be face down). [LSJ 20040812]

      Philippe Rigaud:

    • If Philippe cannot commit diablerie (because of Humanitas or some other effect), then his card text doesn't force him to (he is not "stuck" or anything like that -- he is free to take any legal action). [LSJ 20050513]

      Political Seizure:

    • If you yield the Political Seizure, the location it was contesting doesn't come into play under your control. The Seizure is not a copy of the location, so yielding it won't trigger the "When the last copy of that location is yielded" clause. [LSJ 19980223]

      Political Struggle:

    • The acting vampire gains X votes if the vampire with this card is burned, no matter how that vampire is burned (including, for example, if his controller is ousted). [LSJ 19990119]
    • If the victim of Political Struggle is burned by diablerie, the votes gained from Political Struggle are gained before the blood hunt referendum (and can be cast in that referendum). [LSJ 20050707]


    • If a Toreador has already performed a bleed action this turn and then preforms a Portrait action and the revealed vampire is between 7 and 10 capacity, the Toreador simply untaps. It cannot bleed again the same turn, so the remainder of the effect (the bleed action) is lost. [LSJ 20021118]

      Power Structure:

    • Requires Lasombra (the Sabbat War card omitted the Lasombra symbol). [RTR 20001020]

      Powerbase: Barranquilla:

    • Church of the Order of St. Blaise may be used to add a counter to it before it burns if it has zero counters. [LSJ 20050105]

      Powerbase: Berlin:

    • Blood moved to Powerbase: Berlin by a Ventrue action comes from the Ventrue. [LSJ 19970414]

      Powerbase: New York:

    • The action to steal the blood from your powerbase cannot be attempted by your own vampires. [RTR 19980928]


    • The damage prevention can only be used if the block is successful, and only in the resulting (block-induced) combat. [LSJ 20010813]


    • A vampire who maneuvers with a gun may still use Projectile to shoot with that gun as his initial strike that round. [LSJ 20050304]
    • Cannot be used to strike with a weapon that isn't ranged (that is, with a weapon whose strike isn't ranged). [LSJ 20050224]

      Protected Resources:

    • All cards which modify the bleed amount (Telepathic Counter, Threats, etc.) are applied before Protected Resources's effect. [TOM 19960413]
    • Protected Resources doesn't alter the bleed amount. It merely limits the maximum amount of pool the target of the bleed burns for the successful bleed. [LSJ 20030211]


    • The superior will cancel any "continue action" effect produced during the preceding combat (e.g. Form of Mist) [RTR 19950509]
    • The superior is played after combat ends, even though the card is a combat card. [RTR 19980928]
    • Is played before superior Freak Drive or inferior Cats' Guidance can be played to untap one of the combatants. (The combatants will have to wait until after the next combat ends to play those cards.) [LSJ 19981216]
    • No new cost need be paid for the block (Archon, Aching Beauty, Donal, etc.) [TOM 19960303]
    • The superior can be played before or after replacing any "Do Not Replace Until After Combat" cards. [LSJ 19990322]


    • Is played before the successful blocker taps for blocking (i.e., the same time that Obedience or Change of Target would be played). The blocker is not tapped. [LSJ 20050223]

      Pulled Fangs:

    • Counts up damage successfully inflicted during the round by the minions (retainers, etc. don't count). [TOM 19950304]

      Rabbat, The Sewer Goddess:

    • Her hunt for pool special may be used even when she is full. The blood goes to your pool instead of to Rabbat, so there's no need to worry if it exceeds her capacity. [LSJ 20050331]

      Rachel Brandywine:

    • When using Rachel's special, make all discards (and redraws) first, then shuffle the discards back into the library. [RTR 20030519]

      Rack, The:

    • May not select a new target just for falling out of contention. [RTR 19960112]
    • Chooses a vampire *card* - will not automatically target a new copy of that vampire (if the original is burned or yielded). [TOM 19960122]

      Rapid Healing:

    • Rapid Healing is a type of "leave torpor" action. [LSJ 19980126]


    • Doesn't affect the prisci sub-referendum. [LSJ 20041202]

      Ravnos Cache:

    • The blood on the Ravnos Cache may be used in place of pool or blood, as appropriate to the cost of the equipment. [RTR 19960112]

      Ravnos Carnival:

    • A Ravnos can attempt an action that he cannot pay for himself if the cost can be paid with the Ravnos Carnival's help. [LSJ 20050408]

      Reform Body:

    • If the vampire playing Reform Body was being diablerized, but saved himself with Reform Body, the diablerie is considered unsuccessful. The diablerist gets nothing from the victim, and no Blood/Wild Hunt can be called. [LSJ 19970224]
    • Reform Body cannot be played by vampires who aren't controlled (burned with Goodnight Sweet Prince or Sabbat Inquisitor, e.g.) [LSJ 19970224]


    • The superior Obeah effect can be used even if the stealth is not currently needed. [LSJ 20011214]

      Resilient Mind:

    • Resilient Mind can be used when a Form of Corruption is put into play to protect that vampire from that Form of Corruption. [LSJ 20031223]


    • Can only resurrect allies or retainers burned from play. Discards and blocked actions to employ/recruit don't qualify. [LSJ 20011216]

      Return to Innocence:

    • New card text: "Bleed. If you successfully bleed your prey for one or more, put this card on the acting vampire. Burn this card if this vampire loses any blood or goes to torpor, or if your prey is ousted. During your next untap, this vampire is removed from play and your prey burns X pool, where X is the capacity of this vampire." [RTR 19980707]

      Rewind Time:

    • Rewind Time cannot be used to cancel the action card after playing Special Report. [LSJ 20021011]
    • The cost of the canceled card is not paid (instead of paid and then retrieved). [RTR 20030519]


    • The damage from Riposte is dealt just after the combat ends. [RTR 19970630]
    • The damage is only dealt if the strike was resolved at close range. [LSJ 19970904]


    • Can only be played when a minion attempts to make a strike to inflict aggravated damage against the opposing vampire. [RTR 20041202]
    • Should be played as written - that is, played on the vampire whose opponent in combat attempts to use aggravated damage against him. [RTR 19980623]
    • Cannot be played in response to aggravated damage done from "environmental" sources. [RTR 19961113]
    • Cannot be played in response to an announcement of a strike that is not effective at the current range. [RTR 19980928]
    • Rotschreck is played when the attempt to use aggravated damage is announced, during the strike announcement phase (before any damage prevention can be played). It can be played after the other strike is announced, however. [LSJ 19990217]
    • If combat is continued or a new combat started, then rest of the effect of Rotschreck is lost. [RTR 20020501]

      Rutor's Hand:

    • If the vampire is stolen before "your next turn", then Rutor's won't activate (allow the vampire an extra untap) until a Methuselah begins a turn with the vampire with Rutor's under her control. [LSJ 20031106]

      Sabbat Threat:

    • If the threat counters are lost during the untap phase, then no pool need be burned for the counters' effect. [TOM 19951214]

      Sacrificial Lamb:

    • If the target of Sacrificial Lamb has a Soul Gem, the Gem function wins out. [LSJ 19970516]

      Sanguine Instruction:

    • Sanguine Instruction increases the vampire's level of the chosen Discipline by 1 while it is on the vampire. Discipline levels: 0 (none), 1 (normal), and 2 (superior). [LSJ 20011227]


    • Sargon's controller gets the Edge after the effects of the successful action (whatever it is) are applied. If it is a referendum, the Methuselah with the Edge can burn it during the referendum for a vote. Sargon's controller doesn't get the edge until after the referendum is concluded (and the results applied, if it passed). [LSJ 20011222]

      Scorn of Adonis:

    • May be played at any time during the voting process, and will retroactively cause the loss of pool to Methuselahs voting 'no' before Scorn is played, as well as to Methuselahs voting 'no' after Scorn is played. [RTR 19951110]
    • Each Scorn played may only cause the loss of one pool to a given Methuselah, regardless of how may 'no' votes that Methuselah casts. [RTR 19951110]

      Seal of Veddartha:

    • The first counter adds one level of Dominate. If the bearer already had one level of Dominate (i.e., inferior Dominate), then he or she now has two levels of Dominate (i.e., superior). Likewise with the third counter and Fortitude. [LSJ 20040503]

      Seattle Committee:

    • Seattle Committee is put into play when played. [LSJ 20030522]

      Secure Haven:

    • All Methuselahs (including the target vampire's controller) must pay one extra pool when playing Master cards on the target minion. [TOM 19951208]
    • Only directed actions targeting the minion are restricted. Actions that target retainers, equipment, or other cards on the minion (like Atonement) are allowable, as are actions that target card not on the minion, even if such cards have "named" or "chosen" that minion (like the Rack). [TOM 19951208] [LSJ 19980302]
    • If it is contested, it will not be burned when the target (vampire) goes to torpor, nor will it be burned if it becomes re-controlled while the target vampire is still in torpor. [RTR 19960124]

      Seeds of Corruption:

    • "Special ability" includes all text except terms (i.e., it doesn't include Clan, Sect, Title, Unique (or not), Blood Cursed, Circle, Flight, Infernal, Scarce, Slave, Sterile, Vulnerability, Anarch, Black Hand, Seraph, Red List). (note that this only restricts things that are possible only by special ability - things that a special ability makes impossible are still impossible.) [LSJ 19970801] [LSJ 20011211] [LSJ 20040120] [RTR 20040501]
    • The vampire burns blood for Seeds of Corruption when the action is attempted. [LSJ 19971013]

      Set's Call:

    • The acting vampire's controller is still the one playing the card, so she could choose not to remove a minion from his or her ash heap if the ally is a Shambling Hordes, or an ally/retainer for a War Ghoul, for example. [LSJ 20030701]

      Shackles of Enkindu:

    • "The shackled minion" refers to the minion the card is put upon (not the Gangrel the card is put upon with the equip action). [TOM 19951212]
    • Once placed "on" a minion, the Shackles will harm the minion they are on. [LSJ 19990602]
    • An Ally does not suffer the "burn 2 blood" effect from being shackled. [RTR]
    • Is controlled by the Methuselah who controls the vampire who used it; changing the controller of the vampire changes who controls the Shackles. (errata) [RTR 19960708]

      Shadow Court Satyr:

    • Shadow Court Satyr cannot use a mutli-discipline effect (an effect that requires two Disciplines), although it can use any single discipline effect of a split discipline card. [LSJ 20021216] [LSJ 20021210]

      Shadow Feint:

    • Will not prohibit the opposing minion from choosing dodge as his strike, and, if chosen, the dodge will still resolve. The dodge simply has no effect on the Shadow Feinted strike. [LSJ 20030902]

      Shadow Step:

    • Superior Shadow Step has no cost. The two blood is the cost of using the range-setting effect. It cannot be ignored by Dragos, nor used by a vampire with less than two blood. [LSJ 19970224]

      Shadow of the Wolf:

    • The +1 damage only applies to the additional strike. [LSJ 19970331]

      Shambling Hordes:

    • The acting vampire's controller can choose not to remove a minion from his or her ash heap (and thus burn the Shambling Hordes), which she may want to do if, say, Set's Call is used. [LSJ 20030701]

      Sins of the Cauchemar:

    • Sins of the Cauchemar (superior) is simply placed on the acting vampire. It can be played even if no block attempt is made, and so several vampires can play it on the same action. [LSJ 19990611]

      Sire's Index Finger:

    • Immunity to the frenzy card at the time it is played is the key. Losing the use of the Finger won't make the vampire vulnerable to a previously-played Frenzy card, and gaining it won't suddenly render him immune to a previously-played Frenzy card. [LSJ 20040210]

      Siren's Lure:

    • A second Siren's Lure at [mel] or [MEL] cannot be played to queue a second combat after a combat is already set up for later (by the first Siren's Lure). [LSJ 20020123]

      Smiling Jack the Anarch:

    • Each other player must burn a pool or a vampire blood for each counter on Jack. Failing to burn a blood from an empty vampire will not lessen the obligation. [LSJ 19971212]

      Sonja Blue:

    • She can play reaction cards that require Disicplines and still block "as an ally". [LSJ 20050224]

      Soul Burn:

    • Soul Burn doesn't protect the target from taking damage from a weapon strike, since "inflict" has been ruled to mean "inflict on the opposing minion/retainer". So side-effect damage from a Bomb, Zip Gun, etc. is unaffected by Soul Burn. [LSJ 19980216]

      Soul Gem of Etrius:

    • Functions even if the bearer (now burned) was prohibited from using equipment (via Drawing Out the Beast, for example). [LSJ 20010729]
    • If the drawn vampire (B) is younger and would be put into play with Gem but is burned instead (because of the self-contesting rule, for example), then the Gem activates again, drawing a new vampire (C) and comparing his capacity to B's capacity. [LSJ 20030917]

      Soul Stealing:

    • Soul Stealing cannot be used if a vampire is burned as a result of a political action, such as Tradition Upheld. [RTR 19960124]
    • A vampire diablerizing an older vampire can play Soul Stealing before or after getting a Discipline card, at his option, so long as he plays it before the Blood Hunt. [RTR 19991206]


    • Spiridonas's special ability is treated as an action modifier as far as timing goes (it can be used after the block attempts are concluded). [SFC 19960819]

      Spirit Marionette:

    • The mandatory bleed action must be performed before any non-mandatory actions, as usual. [LSJ 20011216]
    • If the bleed is canceled, the vampire still returns to its original controller (since the next action, the bleed, is over). [RTR 20020501]
    • If the Marionette victim uses Daring the Dawn or Force of Will or Day Operation, he or she suffers the bad after effect of the card after the action resolves but before returning to his or her previous controller (important to things like Fame). [LSJ 20030219]

      Spiritual Protector:

    • Spiritual Protector will not restrict the opposing minion if no block occurred. [TOM 19951208]
    • Spiritual Protector does not restrict the ability of retainers to use equipment. [RTR 19960112]

      Spying Mission:

    • Is only played if you know the bleed is successful, i.e., after you would normally play action modifiers. [TOM 19960226]
    • Is only played after all Reaction cards (as well as other Action Modifiers) have been played. In particular, Telepathic Counter no longer 'beats' Spying Mission unless it is played first (and the bleed is not boosted back to positive). [TOM 19960303] [ ]
    • After successfully being played, it must be burned on the next unblocked bleed against the same Methuselah, provided the bleed is not reduced to zero by other modifiers. [TOM 19950620]
    • The bleed it is played on is considered unsuccessful. Previous Spying Missions won't be cashed in during that action. [RTR 19960530]
    • Archon Investigation cannot be played after a Spying Mission is burned (for +2 bleed), since the bleed is already resolved at that point. [LSJ 19980105]
    • You cannot play Mask of a Thousand Faces after playing a superior Spying Mission because Spying Mission is played "instead of removing pool", which means "when the action resolves" - further modifiers cannot be played, unless they are played after the action in general. [LSJ 19980105]


    • Minions only "oppose" each other during combat, so Stanislava's ability only applies then. e.g., Mr. Winthrop is unaffected. [TOM 19960401]

      Stranger Among Us, The:

    • Shuffle your crypt afterward [LSJ 20020304]


    • Stutter-Step is both a hand strike and a dodge. It cannot be used if only hand strikes (or only dodges) are allowed. [LSJ 20010919]

      Succubus Club:

    • Non-equipment, non-retainer, (non-location) minion cards (like Ablative skin) can be traded, but will remain on the original minion. Control of the card changes. Mostly this results in: "no effect" (until the controller is ousted, of course). [LSJ 19980128] [RTR 19960112]
    • Trades cannot result in a player needing to draw cards (card text). So if player A trades a Elder Library to player B, player A must do something (like also trade away a card from her hand) such that player B doesn't end up needing to draw to fill her newly-increased hand size. A player who begins the trade with fewer cards than hand size (because of an empty library) is OK, since the trade will then not "result" in the problem. [LSJ 20010907]

      Sudden Reversal:

    • Can only burn master cards that are played from the hand in the normal fashion (not Elder Library via Bindusara's ability nor the skill card played when Creation Rites is successful, for example). [RTR 20001020]

      Sword of the Righteous:

    • The [val] effect only applies to the vampire's strike with that weapon, as the [ani] effect above does. [LSJ 20030928]

      Talaq, The Immortal:

    • While Talaq may play cards that require Disciplines (Quietus or Thaumaturgy), he doesn't actually have those Disciplines. He doesn't benefit from Tremere Convocation, for example. Similar to Ian Forestal's special ability. [LSJ 19980303]

      Tegyrius, Vizier:

    • Allegiance counters continue to function even if Tegyrius leaves play. [LSJ 20030522]

      Telepathic Counter:

    • Is played before the bleed is considered successful, so would be played before cards like Spying Mission, which are only played on a successful bleed. [FAQ]

      Telepathic Tracking:

    • Superior Telepathic Tracking may interrupt the end of combat produced by Rotschreck, which will cause the rest of Rotschreck's effect to be lost (no torpor). [RTR 20020501]


    • The card remains in play. The referendum to remove the effect burns the card. The card's effects can be stacked with other Templars. [RTR 20030519]

      Tereza Rotas:

    • Tereza Rotas cannot steal the Edge if it is uncontrolled. [TOM 19951214]
    • If the target of the action burns the Edge (to get rid of some Sabbat Threat counters, for example), her controller will still get the Edge if the action succeeds. [RTR 19980623]
    • Burning two blood is the cost for her "steal Edge" action. [RTR 19980623]

      Thanks for the Donation:

    • If, by Democritus's special, your prey cannot afford to contest, she pays what she has (and is ousted as normal) and you still yield. [RTR 20010710]

      Third Tradition: Progeny, The:

    • If the Progeny is moved to the Uncontrolled region (by Banishment, for example), it continues to be a vampire (and can be influenced). [RTR 19990712]

      Toreador Grand Ball:

    • The same vampire can serve as the "second Toreador" for multiple Toreador Grand Balls. [TOM 19960528]
    • The first Toreador chosen for the Toreador Grand Ball is unblockable on all actions except bleed actions. This remains true even after the vampire attempts a bleed. [LSJ 19970814]

      Tragic Love Affair:

    • Doesn't require control of a ready Toreador. [RTR ]


    • In superior, the pool loss occurs when the votes are tallied, as in the normal version. [RTR 20010710]

      Treatment, The:

    • The Treatment does nothing to the target Prince if the Prince is in Torpor with zero blood. [TOM 19960423]
    • The Treatment will cease functioning if the vampire it is on loses his Prince title. It will resume working if the vampire again becomes a Prince. [LSJ 19980209]

      Tremere Convocation:

    • Second sentence of Tremere Convocation should read: "Vampires with basic Thaumaturgy may play combat cards requiring Thaumaturgy as if they had superior Thaumaturgy." [RTR 19970630]

      Triole's Revenge:

    • The Ventrue is burned by Triole's Revenge only if the hunt isn't blocked - even if the benefit of the hunt is reduced to zero (a failed action). [TOM 19951212]
    • If the victim of Triole's Revenge is prevented from hunting, he may take no action. [RTR]

      Trophy: Diablerie:

    • May be retrieved when diablerizing a Red List vampire (either in combat via Amaranth or as a (D) action) prior to the blood hunt referendum; it protects the vampire in that referendum. It (all copies, if more than one are on the diablerist) is then burned at the end of that action. [LSJ 20050222]

      Uncontrollable Rage:

    • All damage done by a hand strike under Uncontrollable Rage is aggravated. [LSJ 20011204]

      Undead Persistence:

    • If the end of combat is met with a Psyche!, then the go to torpor effect will be delayed until after that new combat. However, the vampire will no longer be propped up by the Undead Persistence in the new combat, so the new combat will end immediately with the vampire not ready (unless he plays a new Undead Persistence in the new combat). [LSJ 20030214]


    • Ur-Shulgi has +1 bleed. [RTR 20010710]

      Uriah Winter:

    • Can still defect if in torpor, and will remain in torpor if he does so. [RTR 19941109]

      Valerius Maior:

    • The "non-infernal and non-Red List" part of his merged text is treated as "term" text (i.e., it is not affected by Seeds of Corruption). [LSJ 20050709]

      Vast Wealth:

    • Grants the ability to take an action, namely: to search through the Library for an equipment card. [TOM 19950119]
    • This action is considered an "equip" action. [RTR] [RTR 19960124]
    • You only search your library if the action is successful. [TOM 19951107]
    • Paying for the equipment found is not optional. If paying the cost will oust the controlling Methuselah, then she is ousted. [RTR 19941109] [RTR 20010710]
    • If the equipment cannot be legally placed on the vampire, it is burned without cost. [RTR ]
    • Vast Wealth's ability is not usable if the Vampire does not share the same controller as Vast Wealth. [RTR 19951017]

      Veil of Night:

    • The Veil has no effect on allies who play Discipline-requiring cards "as a vampire", since it sees them only as allies. [LSJ 20050606]

      Veiled Sight:

    • The strike option (steal blood) given by the superior version of Veiled Sight may be used once, on any round of the combat. [RTR 19960112]
    • The strike given by the superior version of Veiled Sight is not ranged. [TOM 19951215]


    • Victoria's special ability can only be used during her controller's master phase. [SFC 19960819]

      Visit from the Capuchin:

    • Cards played by the controller of Visit from the Capuchin are not replaced at all - this overrides any "Do Not Replace Until [LSJ 20010913] [LSJ 20031230]

      Voter Captivation:

    • Is played *after* the referendum is resolved. If the effect of the referendum ousts the acting Methuselah, there is no time to play Voter Captivation to prevent the ousting. [RTR 19951110]

      Vox Senis:

    • When used as an out-of-turn master, Vox Senis may still be canceled by a Sudden Reversal. [LSJ 20031201]

      Wake with Evening's Freshness:

    • May be played by your tapped vampire if you are not the acting Minion's controller. The vampire need not attempt to block nor play further reaction cards; that is merely an option. [TOM 19951129]

      War Ghoul:

    • If you have no other allies and no retainers in play when War Ghoul is recruited, then you burn War Ghoul to satisfy card text. [RTR 19961113]

      Wasserschloss Anif, Austria:

    • Wasserschloss Anif can only receive blood from one Tremere on any given turn. [RTR 19960221]

      Wave of Lethargy:

    • Only the cost of playing the card is increased - if the card provides multiple maneuvers and presses, it is only increased by one. Maneuvers from other sources (in play) do not cost extra. [LSJ 20011023]

      Weather Control:

    • Weather Control's damage will occur even if combat is subsequently ended before range (by Mariel or Elysium: Arboretum, e.g.) [LSJ 19971110]

      Wolf Companion:

    • The damage is done during normal damage dealing, so a Combat Ends will stop it, as will sending its controller to torpor during first strike. [RTR 19941109]
    • Does not gain any additional strikes of its controller. [RTR 19941109]
    • As with any retainer, the number of lives is set when it is recruited, and will not change if its controller's level of Animalism changes. [RTR 19941109]

      Zip Gun:

    • If used to maneuver, the bearer will take damage during strike resolution, even if the gun is destroyed with first strike. [LSJ 20050123]


    • Follows all Wolf Companion rulings. [TOM 19951216]
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